Networking within the partner site and beyond

With the aforementioned architectural, structural as well as personal measures, the Universities of Lübeck and Kiel uniquely promote interdisciplinary exchange in clinical, teaching and research activities. Additionally, an exceptionally outward orientation and an ‘extradisciplinary’ focus with strong connections to other academic institutions, local communities, state authorities, as well as strategic and business partners is a key driver for innovation in the region.

Complementarity and collaboration with other German Centers for Health Research

North-SHIP addresses issues and challenges common to the German Center for Neurodegenerative Disorders (GCND), such as improvement of illness prediction and healthcare outside specialized settings. Although our site targets a different age group, there is significant thematic and methodical overlap which will prove beneficial for long-term studies. Common areas of interest with the GCND site Greifswald include the investigation of novel care delivery methods (e.g. regional subsidiary care network) and psychosocial/lifestyle determinants of health; a shared interest with the GCND site Tübingen is precision medicine using new technologies, where current collaborations focus on biomarker identification for early detection, subtyping, illness progression and as outcomes for clinical trials (TREND and MIGAP studies; Berg). Cohorts of the German Center for Neurodegenerative Disorders might also be used to identify markers predicting early neurogeneration in connection with mental illness and/or pharmacological treatment, in term to inform the timing and duration of treatment in young patient populations. Moreover, experience with the models currently being evaluated within the Center for Neurodegenerative Disorders for implementation of healthcare delivery outside specialized intervention can be used to identify potential opportunities and challenges and strategically plan sustainable interventions.

NORTH-SHIP collaborations

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Integrative Psychiatry L [1]
Neurology L [2]
Psychology L [3]
Social Medicine & Epidemiology L [4]
Family Medicine L [5]
Pediatrics L [6]
Immunology L [7]
Nutrition Medicine L [8]
Neurobiology L [9]
Pharmacology & Toxicology L [10]
Neuro- & Bioinformatics L [11]
Medical Biometrics & Statistics L [12]
Integrative Psychiatry K [13]
Medical Psychology & Sociology K [14]
IPN K [15]
Neurology K [16]
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